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Hailing from one of the biggest style capitals of the world, fashion model and blogger Andrei Vadasan naturally grew up with a passion for all things fashion. As spring is in full bloom, Andrei suggests a series of trends that will take your fashion outfits to the next level. “It’s all in the details, colors, and accessories” - said Andrei, “In general darker tones like black and blue will always be staples, but this season, brighter colors will be preferred - especially Orange will become the new Black for men”. Workwear inspired items like cargo pants, pullovers, jeans and jackets with multiple pockets will be a big hit. And of course, it’s almost Summer, so we can’t leave out Bermuda shorts, tropical prints, graphic tees, etc All the goody classics that never get old. “And don’t forget scarves, clutches, sunglasses, and backpacks to enrich your mix”. Describing his personal style as equal parts boyish and sleek, Andrei picks out his favorite items for the season below.

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