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3 Ways to Mix & Match Button-down Skirts

As of fashion's cyclical nature, the old-school styles in the past are making their comeback this year. From the fanny packs to straw bags, power suits and even accessories like giant hoop earrings, these are now the hottest items among the world fashion trend. Though, there are some subtle waves that only true fashionistas can catch the drift, in which is button-down skirt.

The button-down skirt is a versatile, essential item in your wardrobe which can help you mix with every other pieces, inspired for an elegant office look, an ecstatic afternoon walk, or even for a glamorous evening with your love one. Are you ready to know how to mix with Button-down skirt? Here are 3 ways to mix-and-match:


With a crop top

Crop top is well-known for its energetic and audacious look, while button-down brings the gentle and feminine vibe. Though seems contradicted, these two items can match perfectly, and gives you different style depends on which item you want to highlight.


With a T-Shirt

Can't find anything to match with your favourite tees? Try it on with a bold colour button, mix with sneakers for a vivacious look.


With a Blouse

Tucking a white blouse into a button-down midi and mixing with the right accessories will give you a classic, nostalgic but trendy look for both office and a chill afternoon. Don't forget a pair of colour-matched slip-ons or pointed-toe heels to stay chic and comfortable.