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A quick Interview with Alicia Nore who lives up to the simple, clean, and elegant ethos of Swedish style!

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Alicia Nore is a blogger who loves the power of a great accessory and knows the impact that colour can have on an outfit. The 20-year-old fashion blogger lives in the fashion capital Sweden, which no doubt explains her style and love of bold, statement-making looks.

How did you start your blogging career?

I started it at the time when I was becoming more interested in fashion. I was inspired by following people on Instagram, so then I decided to try it too. I love to share my style with people and hopefully inspire them along the way.



What’s a fashion app you couldn’t live without?

My best fashion apps are Instagram and Browzzin. Lately Browzzin has really become a favourite because you can shop there too, unlike Instagram which can be difficult to purchase pieces from. Also, people often tag their pieces on Browzzin so you can find them easier.

List your favourite fashion bloggers

I love @hannaschonberg, @kenzas and @mariakragmann.

What are your top three styling secrets?

The first, an accessory always lifts an outfit! And second, embrace layers. An outfit becomes so much better with different layers, such as putting a blouse under your knit and having the sleeves be visible. Third, wear colours that look good on you. For example, I love pink, but I am quite pale, so pink doesn’t always look good on me. Blue and green, however is a good colour on me because it matches my eyes.

What are the latest fashion trends and where do you keep to date with them?

I have really fallen in love with the transparent bag that is everywhere right now. I was just checking Browzzin yesterday and found so many beautiful bags! I am also in love with chain belts which was a big trend from this summer. I keep seeing people wear them!