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An interview with fashion blogger Cayetana de Ozámiz Diéguez

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Cayetana is a 27-year-old Spanish blogger who works as a graphic designer at a well known fashion company. Her love of all things visual has come in handy in her blogging career, helping her showcase her unique, on-trend style. Here she chats to us about how she got her start, why celebrity party looks aren't real and who inspires her.

Describe your typical day as a blogger.

My typical day is so normal. I wake up early in the morning, I go to my job, and when I get out at 6 pm, I go for a walk with my dog. I usually take my [blog] pictures during the weekend, when I have time, especially in winter, because the sun goes down early in the afternoon and I don't have time after work.


How did you develop an interest in fashion and start blogging? 

I've been interested in fashion since I was a child, but I never thought people could work in fashion through social media. The idea was great, so I started posting when I arrived in Italy. I lived in Torino for three months and I loved posting photos of the city, my travels, the food, and always mixed them with images of my personal style. Ever since then I’ve continued taking pics.

Tell us what your typical day is like 

My typical day usually involves work, taking care of my home and my dog and spending free time with my partner.

What inspires you?

My inspiration is real people, girls who share their personal style on Instagram, such as the way they combine their clothes and their outfits for a typical day. For me, celebrity party looks aren't real.... we can’t wear, for example, a sequined skirt every day. 

Also, I use a lot of apps like Browzzin to see and save good looks, and then when I have to buy something, I know what I want. 

What is the question you get asked most as a blogger and influencer? Any tips and tricks for someone new to the blogging world?

Usually people ask you about the products you use, the clothes you wear, the travel you do. I’m not usually one to give people advice, but I think people like to see real and natural people. The best advice I can give is to be yourself. I feel it’s also important to have apps like Browzzin to create good looks and complete your Instagram/blog experience.