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Sophie Ramaekers, along with creating her signature aesthetic, she reveals her other loves

Sophie Ramaekers Cover

Developing her own unique style when it comes to her images is one thing Sophie Ramaekers enjoys about fashion blogging. Along with creating her signature aesthetic, she reveals her other loves including why she’s a sneakers over heels girl and her two wardrobe must-haves.


Introduce yourself, your personal style & describe a typical day for you.

I'm Sophie, a 21-year-old student living in Amsterdam. I am currently doing my masters so a typical day for me is going to uni and drinking coffee with a friend before or after lectures. Sometimes we also take pictures for Instagram. Most of the time we shoot a lot of content at once, so I don't have to stress about not having any pictures to post when I'm busy.

I think [my style] is quite sophisticated (I love delicate materials like silk, cashmere and suede) and chic (blazers and pantalons are really my thing). But I also love chilling in a matching jogger set. Shoe-wise I'm a sneaker girl and I hate wearing heels (but I love the look of them). My favourite colors at the moment are all neutral and pastel tones. I also love pink but I find it hard to style sometimes.

On your Instagram bio you mention that you're a Dutch student in Amsterdam. How do you juggle your studies and fashion blogging?

It was a lot of work [to do my masters] and not really do-able to also manage my Instagram profile alongside it. I experienced a lot of stress because of all the deadlines I had, so I decided to split my masters over two years instead of one year. This gives me enough time to also do fun stuff— one of them of course being fashion blogging.

You have a unique way of editing your photos. Could you share some of your tips and tricks?

I get this a lot! I think it is such a compliment and I love it when people say this to me. I edit mostly in Snapseed and I don't use a filter which is a shock to most people (laughs). I just play around with exposure, contrast, temperature and tint to try and match all photos together in my feed. On my stories I regularly share before and afters of my pictures. I also want to start incorporating some tips in there too, so stay tuned for that.

How do you monetise your fashion content?

Currently I don't get paid a lot by companies because they claim to have no budget. I think the Dutch fashion industry is still a little behind on that and cannot really value the work of girls who do the same as I do…yet. I still need some time probably! But with platforms like Browzzin it is very nice to be able to make some money out of fashion blogging.

What does being stylish mean to you?

Being yourself, wearing what you want and feeling confident. If you smile and love what you're wearing you will always look good and that’s stylish to me.