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Rebeka Barath’s wardrobe is all about being versatile and catering to who she wants to be on any given day—whether it be sharp and chic or relaxed and casual. Here the blogger behind barely styled shares the inspiration behind her style, her favorite autumn/winter trend and why she loves minimalist style.

Introduce yourself, your personal style and describe a typical day for you

My name is Rebeka, I’m a 23-year-old content creator from Hungary. My personal style is all about versatility— one day I might look like a basic 15-year-old boy, other days I dress up as a (what I like to call those looks) Vogue editor and outfits that would be best described as ‘grandma chic’.It all depends on my mood but my outfit does have an impact on my whole day so I make sure to always make the best of it. I work in digital marketing full-time and I do all my platforms before and after work, so I have really long days but they’re so rewarding as I truly love what I do— both for the company and for myself.

What is your favourite fashion piece in your wardrobe and why?

Tough question. I’d go with something timeless, like my Versace handbag. I got it as a part of a collab and I’ve carried it with me wherever I went this past year, regardless of the season.

How do you create your outfits? Who or what inspires you?

I take inspiration from very random things, like certain decades, cities, places, exact outfits on the streets— I love seeing how people wear stuff similar to mine. 

I’d say blogger  Ashley Brooke definitely inspires me in both a professional and personal sense. And also, I often look back at what I wore years ago and re-wear or rebuild outfits— it’s cost-effective and makes me feel like I own even more clothes than I do. 

In a recent blog post you talk about paisley shorts and peasant tops. Could you tell us some more about this trend

Again, this look was inspired by Ashley Brooke. As I see it, these two pieces are from an entirely different origin, but they make really cute outfits [when worn] together. Paisley has never really been something I would turn to because I didn’t feel like boho was close to my style, rather it’s the colours I was drawn to. I started buying peasant tops a couple years back but never saw it becoming such a huge trend. I’m happy about it though, it means I can buy even more of it!  

You mentioned that the TV Show Pretty Little Liars has impacted your style. How and why has it had an impact?

There was something about all the girls’ styles that I loved. [The characters] Spencer and Mona’s preppy style; Aria’s sometimes a little crazy Avril Lavigne looks; Hannah’s ‘I’m here for business but make it chic’ looks; and Emily’s hairstyles always looked fabulous

You seem to have a love for minimalist style. Tell us what this means to you and why you like it?

It might be because I’m a Taurus but I love simplicity from all walks of life. I don’t like unnecessary things and I see a lot of details as tacky and often too much. I try to minimize metal blocking, for example, not to mention pattern blocking. Simple and polished looks are always more versatile and sophisticated. I very often stick with earth tones because they combine really well and they’re easy to wear!.

What do you think will be the hottest Autumn/Winter 2019 trend? Is there anything you are eyeing at the moment which you want in your wardrobe?

My 2014 self would be so happy if chunky statement necklaces came back and also midi skirts! Midi skirts have been in for a while, but they’re sometimes tricky to wear in winter. I’m gonna give them a try though. 

What do you like most about the Browzzin app?

It brings together like-minded people and offers an avenue for when you think you’ll never get your hands on something you couldn’t find anywhere else

Any exciting projects you are working on at the moment or coming up in the future?

Ah, I’m always working on something, either for my blog barely styled or my Instagram or with a brand! I have a really exciting collab coming up, and although I can’t tell you anything about it yet, it’s one that I’m the most proud of!