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Charlie enjoys nothing more than unearthing a gem or two during one of her regular flea market shopping trips. The result? Incredible style that’s all her own. Here she talks about forging her own unique look one vintage piece at a time, why Paris is always a good idea and what’s at the top of her style bucket list…

Introduce yourself, your personal style and describe a typical day for you

I`m a little fashion monkey and a proud mum of two boys. So there is no boredom at any time ;-)

What does being stylish mean to you?

I think to be "in style" or to be "stylish" is a very personal thing. Everybody should have their own style and style goals. It would be very boring if everybody looked the same. It is a good idea to combine some current trends,  with beloved items or vintage pieces so you can create your own style and be stylish in your own way.  

How did you develop your interest in fashion?

I always had a very deep interest in cool fashion pieces. As a teenager I had several jobs and instead of saving money, I bought clothes. So my first achievement was a grey Diesel sweater and bordeaux Chucks. I felt so incredibly cool and  stylish.


Your images and outfits have a vintage feel to them. What do you love about vintage clothes?

I love vintage pieces! So regular visits of flea markets or second-hand stores are a must. For me every single vintage piece tells its own story. I can feel the mood of it, the story of the woman who wore it first. Did she have a good time? Maybe she was sad or on a wonderful journey. Maybe she was in love. You can feel the soul of a vintage piece and you can go on to continue the story. 


Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? Where do you love to go shopping?

Isabel Marant is one of my fashion queens. I´m obsessed with her creations. I love the mix of typical French style with that kind of holiday feeling. Further, I`m on team #oldcéline and currently I think Demna Gvasalia [creative director of Balenciaga] is really hot.

For online shopping I do have some favourite stores where I like to buy, alongside my go-to flea markets and second-hand stores. I`m very open [to shopping at different places] as you can find your perfect piece everywhere

What’s your next fashion must-have?

For this summer I need some bermuda shorts with a fitted blazer. It’s a must-have. Generally I have this addiction to bags. One of my big dreams is an [Hermés] Kelly bag...


It seems you have travelled quite a bit. What’s your favourite destination and why? Do you have any upcoming travels planned?

Paris is always a good idea and for me the best idea. For little fashion monkeys like me, it's the place to be for good food and drinks . Just enjoying the time, sitting and drinking coffee and watching the people come and go...perfect moments for me! For our honeymoon we went to New York, so it will be a magical place for me forever. And I absolutely have to visit Tokyo as soon as possible.

Of all of the outfits that you have posted on Instagram, which is your favourite and why?

At the moment I love jumpsuits. I have a light one with big blue, yellow flowers on it [that I bought] at my latest flea market visit. I combined it with white Miu Miu boots and a superhero bag by Stella McCartney. This will be my summer look for 2019.

What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date with the latest fashion trends?

Instagram is a big source of daily fashion inspiration! A wonderful option for checking out the latest fashion trends is the app, Browzzin. You get so much cool fashion inspiration and ideas and the best thing is you can buy pieces directly on the app. This is just perfect as you don't need to spend a long time searching for pieces and the right online stores. Very clever and simple. For me, one of the best fashion tools!

Any future goals or plans?

Well, as already mentioned, one of my big goals is a Kelly bag and my wedding anniversary is not for away so you never know ;-)