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Bianca Foley

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Introduce yourself, your personal style and describe a typical day for you

I’m Bianca, a Petite/Midsize Fashion Influencer from London. I guess I would describe my style as quite simple. I love to wear variations of the same look. On a regular day, my go-to look is a smart dress/trousers with a shirt or tee and a blazer. I work in the City so I have to adopt a more corporate wardrobe 9 – 5. To be honest, my blazer collection is probably the most worn segment of my wardrobe as I wear them on the weekend with jeans and a tee or slip skirt.


How do you get inspired and how do you convert your inspiration into new looks?

I love seeing how other people style their outfits – especially when I have the same piece! I use Pinterest and Browzzin quite often for inspiration. I save looks I want to recreate to a mood-board and style them using pieces I own or buy new pieces

Do you prep your looks a day in advance or are you an early bird that is full of energy and creativity in the morning?

I’d love to say that I am full of energy in the morning but the truth is I just don’t. I have a lot to do before I leave for work in the morning so I do like to plan my outfits – or at least have a fair idea of what I want to wear the next day just so that I can have that extra 10 minutes in bed!

What are your 2019 key pieces and why?

I try my best not to be too trend-led but my key pieces this summer, in particular, have been strappy, low heeled sandals and slip dresses.


What would your (styling) advice be for other women?

Dress for your day and dress for your shape. For example, there is no point in wearing high highs and a gown for a long day of running errands, it will only make you uncomfortable and unhappy! Clothing should make you smile and more importantly, make you feel comfortable

How long did it take you to find your style and embrace it?

Oh gosh, I probably didn’t find my personal style until my mid 20’s. But when it finally clicked, I knew I had it.


How do you structure your wardrobe? Any tips to structure it for creating outfits?

For me there are a few basic rules for creating your outfits – functionality, practicality is key to this. Like I said before, you need to dress for your day and having a structured wardrobe makes that a lot easier. I keep all my blazers in one section, work trousers are hung up where jeans are folded up on a shelf. Then its shirts, skirts, work dresses, casual dresses and then I section out pieces I have to shoot. I keep these items as part of my wardrobe to see how they fit in with other pieces I already own.

You describe yourself as a PETITE/MIDSIZE Influencer, where do you shop or do you get your clothes altered as they always look perfect on you?

Thank you so much. It has been a bit of a journey! I never used to shop in the petite section as I felt that it didn’t really cater for my shape. I have started to buy more petite fitting trousers/skirts but on the whole, I still shop the main collection in most

stores. It takes a lot of trial and error, high street sizing varies from store to store, so when you find a brand you love, get to know your size. I do get things altered at times– get yourself a good dry cleaner who does alterations! I have started to shop more contemporary/designer brands and I find that their sizing is a lot better than the high street so if you have the budget try shopping at brands like Ganni, Kitri and there is a new brand which I am yet to try called Reve the Label which design specifically for petite women, but also have options for curvier petite sizes which is a real game-changer!