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Nas Abraham

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Introduce yourself, your personal style and describe a typical day for you

My name is Nas Abraham, I’m a Multi-Media Visual Artist based in London. Truthfully, my personal style is constantly developing, I wish I was one of those people that are set on a particular style, I’d probably get more done in the day… but I love the freedom and creative process of being able to combine old and new pieces to create a new look.

A typical day for me? Because I’m freelance, each day is pretty different for me, it usually starts with a bunch of emails (fun) but then I’ll be working on some kind of artwork for a project or planning the next project. Trying to do some kind of workout every day but that’s just not happening.


You call yourself a visual artist. What forms of art do you work with? What does it mean to you to be a visual thinker?

I work across a variety of media and art forms, photography, animation, graphic design, etc, I love all types of visual media so I figured why not learn it all? I started my career off as a Fashion Illustrator, so I’m pretty proficient hand-drawn techniques as well as digital techniques.


I love the term “visual thinker”, it describes what goes on in my head whenever I am having a conversation with someone, certain words will automatically trigger images in my head, so I end up mentally painting scenarios to run alongside the conversation I’m having. I’ve discovered recently this is why I can remember really pointless, irrelevant details about people such as their holiday destination 8 months ago or the drink they ordered that one time at a cafe. I’ve dubbed this “Hyper-Visualisation” and I like to pretend it’s a superpower, but it’s not, I’m very easily distracted. It’s actually pretty useful when coming up with concepts and ideas in a project, I find I can pretty quickly visualize an entire project from start to finish and decide on the visual direction of a project relatively quickly.

How do you incorporate fashion into the content that you produce?

Most of my clients are within the fashion industry, so my work naturally incorporates fashion, whether that’s through the stylists I collaborate with to decide the looks for an editorial or the products I create artwork and visuals around are usually sneakers or clothing pieces from a specific collection

What collaborations have you done previously? Which has been your most memorable one and whY?

I’ve been blessed enough to work with a wide range of brands and publications, from Adidas, Lacoste, Dr Martens, GQ, to high fashion/ luxury houses such as Cartier, Hugo Boss etc, but I think the most memorable project and perhaps my favorite to this day has been the project I worked on for British department store Harvey Nichols back in 2016, where I had free reign to create a set of 30 visual assets in honour of the launch of their menswear floor in their London store. It was the first time a company had given me such freedom to go crazy, and crazy I went!


What has been your main concept for the content that you have produced? What inspires you to create content?

Because of the nature of the work I produce, there’s no consistent concept that runs through them, however, I try to always come from the angle of “do something that hasn’t been done before”. The feeling of creating work from my heart or from my head is massively motivating for me, I love being able to work across different stories and briefs to create something original and also hearing people’s reactions to my pieces.

What type of content has drawn the most attention on your Instagram page and why?

Generally, it’s style posts! I guess that’s the nature of Instagram, people relate more to images of the people they follow. This post performed the best: 

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I had blended my love of video games and style together, people seemed to respond to it really well! I had this concept about 7-8 months prior, I was so glad to be able to actualize it and to have such a positive response.


What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date with the latest fashion trends?

Instagram is probably the most readily accessible place to gain an understanding of how people are experimenting with style, but the more time you spend on there the more you start to see the same thing and subconsciously start dressing in the styles that are popular. I’ve found apps and sites like Browzzin are actually great to see how people are putting together their items a bit more individually. 

What’s next for you? Any exciting new projects you are working on?

Oh yeah! I just finished a few different brand collaborations which will be releasing soon, but I’m working on assembling a team of creatives to work across a variety of projects, Graphic designers, photographers, makeup artists, anyone in the visual field, hit me up!

General words of wisdom you live by and why?

Far too many. Pertaining to creativity and my career: “Be so good, they can’t say no”- I have no idea who said that but this quote had been in my head from the beginning of my career, and it filled me with the drive to push my creativity further, to the point where someday I’ll be able to work with any company I choose. Pertaining to life: “Treat others as you want to be treated”- Jesus. I’ve found that that has personally opened a crazy amount of doors for me throughout my life. I’m pretty sure our world would be massively different if we could all practically do treat each other with love!