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Interview with London based Fashion Blogger - Carla Vadan

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It's been really great connecting with Carla. We love how she dares to be different! Here, Carla gives advice to those interested in building a following online to what inspired her to start her blog.

What inspired you to start your fashion blog?

The blog came about naturally, as an extension of my everyday life. I have been obsessed with fashion ever since I was a young kid. I really love clothes and accessories so I always dreamt of being a fashion designer. I still have my sketches from back in the day, and I still sketch, whenever I have time and would love to start my own brand one day. Also having studied art for most of my life (both in high school and then at the university), I decided I could use my knowledge and my sense of aesthetics to inspire others.

For me, having a fashion blog is more than just posting branded content, it’s about mixing colours in your outfits, thinking about image composition and having fun. So, I can say my background definitely inspired me to start my blog.

What’s the best thing about being a fashion blogger? 

Being able to meet new people with whom you share the same views and values and having the opportunity to inspire others in your journey is such an amazing feeling. Of course, working with brands you love and getting free gifts or attending cool events is the other great part. But when your followers write you messages and thank you for inspiring them…well, nothing beats that.

What advice would you give those interested in building a following online? 

Stay true to yourself, to your personal taste and principles. People want to see the real you. Don’t hide, be bold and never be afraid. Confidence is key.

How would you describe your personal style? 

Eclectic. I wear whatever I like! I really hate being put in a box, or being the same…that’s so boring. Life is short so I love to have fun with my clothes, trying different styles and never taking trends too seriously. I do love fashion extremes, and “ruining” a feminine outfit with “nobody-expects-it” sport shoes is my thing

What is your go-to online resource for style inspiration?

I love Browzzin as there are so many magical people to follow and get never ending inspiration from. And of course, which is always up-to-date with the latest collections and runway trends. Also Pinterest, which allows me to organise my inspirations easily.

I am quite old school and think printed fashion magazines are the best! I love to go through them and read everything there is. Sometimes a good article inspires you more than an image.