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Interview with Irejimler, the talented fashion blogger from Spain.

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Irejimler describes herself as "little, creative and lover of sunflowers". This perfectly summarizes her theme on Instagram, as she uses a lot of bright colors. Let's find out more about what inspired her to start her blog!.

Can you tell us about your blog and what inspired you to start it?

Ever since I was little I have been very creative. In my adolescence I discovered that I loved photography and photographic editing and I thought about combining that passion with clothes, which I have always liked. With social networks you can show what you know how to do and help others to learn from you.


What past fashion trend would you like to see come back next season? 

I love the American trend of the 50s. Pin Up!

What is your go-to outfit or staple pieces that you could not live without? 

I have a shelf full of sports clothes of all kinds. I certainly could not live without them.

What are your FAVOURITE fashion brands?

Inditex, Romwe and Shein which can all be shopped on Browzzin.

Why would you recommend Browzzin to your fellow fashionistas?

If you have problems styling your clothes, it is the ideal app to turn to for fashion inspiration.