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Interview with Kim Detollenaere – the stylish future doctor!

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She's not only a future Medical Doctor, she's your most stylish one! Kim was also crowned as Miss Supranational Belgium in October 2017. Lets step into her world.

How did you initially get started with fashion blogging?

When I was in high school, I followed a few fashion bloggers daily. At the time, you were mainly looking at their blog since Instagram was not there yet. I always craved to do the same as them and to start my own blog, but I was too scared to be judged and I just didn’t know where to start.

After high school, I got accepted into medical school and from then on, my entire focus was on my studies. I forgot all about my passion for fashion there. Until one day I had an epiphany and I realized I gave up ALL my passions to study medicine. That day I thought it was time to start my own fashion blog, because if not now when would I do it?

I have to admit it is quite tricky to combine my passion for fashion blogging and my study of medicine but I believe that you can make anything possible if you work hard and plan well.

What inspires you and where do you usually look for inspiration? 

I would describe my style as girly and I mostly try to combine basic items in a fun way. I wear heels all the time and I adore wearing skirts and dresses. I also love the colour pink! As for fall/winter fashion, I love over the knee boots the most and everything that is plaid—I’m talking plaid skirts, plaid shirts, even plaid PJs!

What are your tips for an Insta-worthy page and capturing the perfect images? 

I think the key to a great Insta-worthy page is consistency. You have to ensure you have a consistent theme so people know what to expect from you. Also, using the same filter on every picture really gives you that perfect cohesive Instagram feed. What I also try to think about is to make sure the colours of my pictures work together. For example, I normally wouldn’t post a red outfit and then the day after a pink outfit, since I don’t think that totally matches next to each other. And make sure you shoot your pictures with a good camera. I use a DSLR camera or sometimes my iPhone X.

And lastly, if you could only take one fashion item or accessory to a desert island, what would it be? 

I would need some essential clothes I guess, especially a bikini! I’d also go for a summer hat. My mum taught me from early on that it is important to protect your skin against the sun. The sun is the biggest cause of premature ageing of the skin and that is why I use factor 50 on my face daily and why it always helps to wear a summer hat.

Why would you recommend Browzzin to your fellow fashionistas?

I really love the fact that Browzzin makes it possible to directly shop fashion items from a certain look. All the looks I post on Instagram, you can directly buy on the app. How cool is that? I get a lot of questions about where I got a particular item so it’s great that you can direct your followers to the app so that they know without even having to ask. Also, the app makes it possible for everyone (so not only influencers like me) to post their own looks and link the items they wear.