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An interview with fashion blogger Zlatina Jekova

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We are thrilled to interview Zlatina, one of the top fashion influencers and a style inspiration to many. She discusses everything from the early challenges in starting her blog to growing a career in the fashion blogging industry. Let’s get to know her!

Tell us more about you and your journey to becoming a full-time blogger?

I have been blogging for more than four years now. At the beginning I started it as something small on the side after work. Once I finished my university degree and started working I felt the need to start a hobby on the side, so I started blogging.

I then met a girl that was a full-time blogger and she explained to me how she does it and at first I couldn’t believe that it could be a job. It sounded too much fun to be true. My meeting with her really inspired me and I decided to start a fashion blog. I have always been into fashion and photography, so for me it was the perfect hobby.

I did not really start blogging with the idea to become a full-time blogger. I started my blog because I loved the idea of sharing my fashion journey with others. Once my accounts started growing I was really happy to find that people liked my style and my pictures and I started generating good income from my blog. I had to make a decision if I wanted to continue blogging and concentrate completely on it or to continue with my full-time job at the time—I chose blogging.

What inspires you and where do you usually look for inspiration? 

The main source of inspiration for me is fashion photography. I love new and non-popularised trends, and I like that I often find them while scrolling through Browzzin. I enjoy using the app to find fashion inspiration and outfit combinations.

What are some of the big challenges in your blogging career and how did you overcome them? 

The main challenge is that you have to be extremely organised for your blogging career to work. I do everything myself, which means that I am the stylist, the model, the assistant and the manager. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of effort and time to run your accounts properly and to also create original content, so you just have to learn how to be very efficient and organised. No procrastination allowed!

Another difficulty is that you do not have holidays. It often seems that bloggers are on a non-stop holiday, but in fact, they are non-stop working. You cannot have a peaceful weekend away from the internet, because you have to be posting things every day, otherwise your audience are not engaged and they simply stop following you.

One challenge that comes up often, is that people always want to know what you are wearing, but sometimes your outfit is from old collections and the items are no longer in store. That’s why Browzzin is great because not only does it identify what you are wearing, but it also gives suggestions of similar items, so people can shop them. 

Why would you recommend Browzzin to your fellow fashionistas? 

I would recommend Browzzin to my fellow fashionistas for many reasons, but mainly because they can find tons of fashion inspiration on there. They can also earn money from sharing their outfits on the app. What I also like about it, is that it gives you various options to shop for each outfit, so you can select similar items within your budget.

Tell us what fashion trends you are into right now?

There are so many! I absolutely love the animal prints trend which you can find everywhere now. Another trend that I am really into is high-shine gloss, especially on trousers and trench coats.