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Determined to put her own eclectic spin on fashion, blogger, influencer and founder of blog Madcat.Fashion, Eva P. Dorothy always aims for a unique look with strong finishing touches. Here she chats to us about styling outfits in minutes, working with her partner and her love of shopping in the men’s department…

Introduce yourself, your personal style and describe a typical day for you

Hi, I am Madcat.Fashion and I am a fashion blogger, online influencer, fashion stylist, visual merchandiser and interior designer.

I am a very versatile stylist. That’s why people call my style eclectic. Whatever I do, whether it’s styling or creating home interiors, I mix styles as I love so many of them. One day I am classy, another day edgy and funky. I’m always very creative and unusual. I don’t like boring looks and copying the same outfits over and over again.

My typical day? There are no typical days for me. I still work for Zara twice a week, so those days are actually very boring, it’s just breakfast, work and home. Other days are different. I am always up early, starting my day with a meditation and gratitude exercise and then I jump on Instagram and emails. If I can be honest, I don’t have much time to style, so usually I create my look five minutes before we shoot. That’s why I am not always happy with the results. But sometimes I am shocked how amazingly I style within five minutes!


How did you start your fashion blogging journey and why did you choose the name Madcat.Fashion?

Back in Poland I was styling my clients and I was styling myself. It was over 13 years ago. Then when I first signed up for Facebook (Instagram did not exist yet, I think) I did my first photo shoot, with my friend styling my clothes. I loved those looks and the shoot! But I just posted those pictures on Facebook and did not really do anything with them. After that I moved to the UK and I forgot about my passion and profession for the next few years. I worked as a waitress and learned English and British life.

About six years ago I decided to launch my blog and I asked my 12-year-old daughter to take pictures using my iPhone 4. And then at the same time I met my partner who is passionate about photography. Once I told him about my dreams and plans, he introduced Instagram to me and became my co-partner for our blog. When he was setting up an Instagram account for me, he asked me, what name I would choose, something that best describes me. And I said: MAD CAT. He just added “fashion” and I became MADCAT.FASHION.

Tell us a bit more about your co-partner Bartosz Chojnowski. How did the two of you meet and why did you start working together?

I met [my partner] Bartosz at work. It was during the time when I was working as a waitress and he joined my team. That was real love from the very first sight and it never really happened for me like that before. And he is Polish like me! After hours and hours of conversations, he decided to turn my dreams into reality and that's how we started [my blog] at a time when Instagram wasn’t really popular yet and we did not have the word ‘influencer’ in dictionary.. 


We are in love with the many chic and eclectic looks on your blog and Instagram. How do you usually decide on your styling every day?

Oh, thank you! As I said my looks are made within five minutes and from the little choice I have in my wardrobe. I always think if I styled at least a few hours a week and have a bigger budget, I could do masterpieces. But styling low budget clothes has become my passion too.

I create constantly in my head, that's why I can easily chose something before shooting or an event. For example, my outfit for London Fashion Week I actually styled 10 minutes before we left for the show and it became a massive success. I have been featured [in that outfit] in so many fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar.


What do you believe are some of the strongest trends this season?

I think neon and cyclist shorts have become a strong trend this season and all influencers try to use them by combining them with classy pieces. Tie-dye is quite strong too. I noticed a strong classy trend, where blazers and elegant pieces become a strong part of our wardrobes. With accessories, definitely hair bands and hair clips are very trendy.

It seems like men’s blazers are your beloved items. What is your favourite blazer of all time and how do you style it?

Blazers have become a strong part of my outfits. As a stylist I try to inspire myself by watching other bloggers’ looks. As an eclectic blogger I love so many different styles and this season blazers have become my number one. A few months ago, I began to also work in the men's department in Zara so I started shopping men’s blazers. And you know what? I love them. I got five men’s blazers, different sizes, from grey classy to white corduroy and I actually match them with everything from dresses and skirts to cyclist Bermuda shorts. I can definitely recommend going to men’s departments and getting a couple of nice oversized blazers for your wardrobe.


What tips can you share about investing in statement accessories (because we are quite in awe of how you style them)?

Good accessories can make a whole look special. Just imagine: simple jeans, a white tee and a trench looks nice, but [it can be] boring. But once you add sunglasses, a hat and a cool bag, they will make the look. I am crazy about sunglasses and hats. Last year I wore different hats with almost every single look. Sunglasses I actually wear with 99 per cent of my outfits. Also, earrings have become an important part of my styling. I think those three accessories are the strongest part of my wardrobe. I would definitely focus on them if you want your look to stand out in a crowd.


You have been featured in many magazines and articles. Tell us which has been your memorable event and why?

A few years ago, I found my photos in a Polish fashion magazine and I was the happiest person in the world. Then they invited me for an interview and was given one page just for myself. It was a dream. I have also been featured in Glamour magazine a few times and in fashion magazines in the USA, Germany and the UK. I thought it is just a miracle that other editors appreciated my style even if I’m not a “famous” blogger and I do not wear any luxury designer products (yet!).

But the most rewarding event for me was last London Fashion Week, as my pictures were featured in Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar. That for me was something I would never expect to happen as sometimes I don't really believe in myself and I forget to dream big.

There is currently a lot of talk around sustainable fashion. What is your view on this matter?

Well, I am generally a very ecological person. I always was ever since I was little. I am really sad what's happening in the world with the tons and tons of garbage we produce every day. Fast fashion isn't good fashion. Killing animals even for food is just a crime for me, but wearing them, that's the worst thing humans can do. I am so happy that some of the huge brands, like Zara for example care about environment. They use recycled cotton and water-based PU products. One of the things I do towards [being more eco-friendly] is buying in second-hand shops. I have so many great pieces purchased from my favourite second-hand shops in Poland.

What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date with the latest fashion trends?

I take inspiration from everywhere. I generally start my day on Instagram, then I jump to Browzzin. I think they are the two best places to find a good portion of my inspiration. Also, I still read printed fashion magazines as they have everything I need. From time to time I also jump on Pinterest. But I take lots of inspiration from high street retailers. I just walk through their stores, catch up on their stuff and immediately create in my head new looks.

What’s next for Madcat.Fashion? Any exciting new projects you are working on?

I have so many ideas of things I can do with my partner however we are very limited with time and money. A good personal assistant or a manager in London would help me a lot with my career so I could focus more on creativity and my projects (I definitely need one if someone is interested). As we [co-creator Bartosz Chojnowski and herself] still have normal jobs, our plans and projects actually go too slow, but we do not give up. We focus on collaborations with brands because this will help us with financial freedom. One of the most important at the moment is a campaign for Ted Baker. We are thinking of creating more videos as I know they bring much more attention and views. I also want to travel more, so this year I have got a few trips already booked. I definitely want to show to my followers more looks and more places that inspire me. I really hope this year will bring for me and my partner lots of new, exciting projects to do.