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A conversation with psychologist & fashion blogger Joanna K

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Joanne K is an influencer, fashion blogger, psychologist and an avid gaming fan. With a love of experimenting with outfits and pushing style boundaries, she approaches fashion from a unique lens that allows her to forge her own distinct look. Get to know her here.

Introduce yourself, your personal style and describe a typical day for you

It is very hard for me to introduce myself in one sentence. I am the type of person who is always on the road, always working, always taking pictures. Apart from being an influencer and fashion blogger (more Instagrammer), I am a psychologist and passionate about e-sport. Gaming and psychology are my second life.

My typical day starts about 8AM after about 4-5 hours of sleep. I am a weirdo because sometimes I don't even have to go to sleep for 48 hours. I think this is a gift, an amazing opportunity to do more, create more than the others and always be one step further than other people. After I wake up I take a shower and an hour later I turn on my computer. And then it starts: emails, photos, collaborations, interviews, and of course fashion research. Later I think about outfits for any upcoming photoshoots (I have them planned a week in advance). Everything has to be perfect and perfection needs proper preparation. In the afternoon I usually meet my friends, we just grab a coffee and talk about everything. In the evening I can finally rest, although not every evening. I am currently in the middle of building my new house and it's so exciting and so demanding that I want to focus on it. Notice that there's one thing missing? Food? Yeah, exactly. I rarely eat because I have no time!  

Tell us about your name: "Minimedge" and your journey of becoming a fashion blogger. How did it come about?

To be honest I wanted to have a different nickname "just like other girls" but all of them were already taken (laughs). Then I realised that I literally can't be just like the others. So I came up with the idea of combining 'minimalism' with 'edge'. I am a huge fan of minimalism, especially when it comes to colours— white and grey are my favourites. And despite my fear of heights I always try to look at everything from the edge. Sometimes you have to keep a distance between yourself and even the most common of things to find its beauty, to really understand its nature, on what basis its built and how it goes. Besides, the ones who are standing on the edge have the best view, right?

To be honest, my journey with fashion started when I was born and my mother was surprised that I am not a boy but a girl (laughs). Then she had to get rid of the boys’ clothes and buy some girls’ stuff. But having in mind that I was supposed to be a boy she never allowed me to look like a pink-sweet-too-cute-and-unicorn-glittering-girl. I mean, if I would like to be like that then she'll be ok with it. But I never wanted to be! 

We love your unique look. Where does your sense of style come from and how do you create a story and express it in your own way?

I always wanted to look more boyish than girlish, but with a certain amount of being a woman. As far as I remember lots of people were impressed with my look and with my outfits. I don’t consider myself as a person with a sense of style. I just like to experiment with various types of clothes. There were times when I was really shy and wanted to hide myself behind my clothes. Now I don't want do to it because I am shy, but because I really enjoy wearing multiple layers of clothes. I think that those layers are my personal thing, which build my style.


What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date with the latest fashion trends?

When it comes to fashion, my main source of inspiration is the internet. It's the quickest possible way of getting updates about what's going on in the high fashion world. When I'm bored with opening tabs on my computer I use fashion apps like Browzzin. Thanks to the Browzzin app I can find even more inspiring, more courageous fashion pics than on the biggest fashion brands' sites. 


You blog about travel too. What is your favourite travel destination and what is next on your bucket list?

One of my favorite places I've been to is Sopot. It is a small town in North Poland just by the sea. I lived there for a year and it was my best year ever. It's really inspiring with the beauty of the water, pure sand, huge beach and the architecture.

The place I would like to visit is Australia. I am absolutely in love with its landscapes, the climate, food, fruits... And I want to take a selfie with a quokka.

General words of wisdom that you live by?

I have one quote that inspires me: “First never follows”. It's from one of the older Adidas' campaigns. But for me as a former athlete, fashion influencer and fan of computer games, it all requires good teamwork at its highest level, and this is the basis of everything I do.