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Paula Nunez, a full-time engineer with a passion for fashion

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A full-time civil engineer with a relentless passion for fashion and travel, Paula Nunez is the newest fashion blogger that we are excited to feature this week. Setting aside her busy schedules, Paula sits down and talks with us about inspirations, style, travel, and everything in between.


Introduce yourself, your personal style & describe a typical day for you.

Many people don’t know this, but I’m a civil engineer who moved to London from Spain 3 years ago. I actually work as an engineer and every day I try to balance out my office routine and work with my passion for travel, fashion and…London! - which are what I usually share on my social media.

A typical day for me would include a quick photo shoot early in the morning, just before heading to the office where I would do non-fashion-related things. However, I use every break at work to either select photos and start editing them or have a look at online stores and other Instagram pages to inspire my next outfits. I try to keep evenings clear of commitments, but I normally end up editing more photos or attending events, but that’s always so much fun!

I don’t like categorizing my style in just a single word - I love dressing depending on my mood and event and especially when traveling, I tend to inspire my outfits based on the place I’m visiting. I love playing and mixing different styles that I feel go well together, such as a smart blazer with chunky sneakers. If I really have to pick a description, I would say - chic with a drop of casual. 

In a recent post, you mentioned that you will no longer be taking photos with your mobile, but instead with a new camera. What camera is it and why is it so “amazing”?

Yes, that’s true. We used to take all of my photos with my iPhone, but I started to notice that the quality was not up to the standards I’d like to make. So, my boyfriend did his own research (I had no idea he would actually gift me a camera for Christmas) and surprised me with a Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II. The main things that make this camera a perfect one for me is its size and lightness (great for traveling) and that it gives you high quality pictures even in low light condition. This is very essential for me, as London can be pretty cloudy and foggy regularly. Also, Canon has a very user-friendly app that allows you to send your photos to your mobile, which is great when you’re on the go without your laptop!

What would you say is the biggest fashion trend in London right now?

A midi skirt with ankle boots, especially in white, is something we’ve seen a lot these past few months and they are still out there. I think the midi skirt will stay this spring, but with less animal prints on it. Another thing that I’ve started to love is the hair pins/headbands trend, which is slowly becoming a big thing in London. It can give any looks an instant standout boost!

Where do you tend to buy your clothes, and why?

I normally shop at Zara, Mango and ASOS and I’ve recently started to buy from Pretty Little Things and Missguided quite a lot too. I actually discovered these two from Instagram and Browzzin! I frequent these two platforms a lot to find inspiration for my outfits, which leads me to discover a lot of new cool brands from the people that I follow.

What’s next for you and where do you see yourself in five years?

My short-term goal is to keep working on my Instagram and Browzzin accounts to create more interesting content, not just in terms of photos’ quality but also locations and outfits.

In 5 years time, I’d like to be working full time on my blog, traveling around the world and sharing all these awesome blogging experiences with my followers. I’d like to use my travels to create content for brands I love, and - who knows - maybe a collaboration with a fashion brand to create my own designs?

What about your inspirations? Who are your inspirations?

I can get inspirations from anyone and anywhere really, but as I said, I get a lot of them from Instagram and fashion apps like Browzzin. When I see a blogger wearing something I like, I tend to go to Browzzin to shop all the pieces in that outfit - it really makes my life easier! I also love using the “explore” option on the app to discover other fashion accounts from all over the world!

When I travel, my outfits are 100% inspired by the place I’m visiting. This April I’m making a visit to Japan and I’ve already started researching on the country’s culture and scenery!