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Pinja K’s journey of building a fashion blogging career since the age of 12

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Having started her first blog at 12 it seems Pinja K was destined to become a fashion blogger. Here she chats to us about her favourite trends, the best thing that blogging has brought to her life and how her website continues to evolve.

What is it that inspired you to become a fashion and lifestyle blogger? What has your journey been like so far?

I had been reading blogs for a long, long time and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to try what it would be like to blog myself. I've had multiple blogs over the years (I think I started my first one when I was around 12 years old) but I've been writing my current one at for over five years now. I originally started my current blog as a bit of an online diary, but have since narrowed it down to focus more on fashion/beauty/lifestyle topics rather than daily rambles about my life. I love sharing my outfits and hope to inspire people with them. I really enjoy creating content for my blog and Instagram, and it's been amazing to see growth, development and expansion over the years.



What is the most enjoyable aspect of being a fashion blogger?

The most enjoyable aspect of being a fashion blogger is being able to share content and hopefully inspire others with my photos and writing. The friends I've made along the journey are definitely one of the best things blogging has brought to my life as well.

What current fashion trends are you embracing?

Of the current fashion trends around I am absolutely loving animal prints and hair accessories.

Who or what is your biggest fashion inspiration?

I'm getting fashion inspiration from so many places and people that it's actually impossible to pick just one. But Instagram in general is quite a big one for me and following people with amazing style like @saraviktoire(who's also on Browzzin!)

What advice would you give someone who wants to start a blog?

My best advice for someone who wants to start a blog is to just do it! If you want to do it it's always worth giving it a try. If you think about it, what is the worst thing that could happen?