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Chetna Patel is the founder of Chillies and Clothes – a blog that combines her love of fashion with her passion for food and cooking. Here she chats to us about carving out her place in the increasingly saturated blogging space, experimenting in the kitchen and getting creative with her wardrobe.

Introduce yourself, your personal style and describe a typical day for you

Hi, my name is Chet and I am the founder of Chillies and Clothes a fashion, food and lifestyle website. I am also mum to two girls (aged eight and 11) and wife to one very patient husband.

My personal style is quite feminine, but it really depends on my mood. Whilst I love a good classic, I am also always up for trying something new and experimenting with my style and look. 

A typical day for me can vary as it will depend on what my girls are up to and what I have lined up and planned for my website, which brands and projects I have agreed to work with and which events I have agreed to attend. Every day is different for me. Family life ultimately comes first. 


Why did you choose the name Chillies and Clothes for your blog title?

I feel that the name Chillies and Clothes really represents what I am about. I love food and enjoy cooking (and eating) and want to share that cooking with spices doesn’t have to be scary or daunting. I also love clothes and being creative with my wardrobe and sharing how I put my looks and style together to suit everyday life

We all know that the fashion blogging space is becoming increasingly saturated. How are you able to stand out and remain true to yourself?

It is an incredibly saturated environment and it is difficult not to feel inadequate at times. There is also an element of luck and being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right people. 


I think by remaining authentic and true to yourself you will automatically find your audience. I tend not to accept projects from everyone and anyone and this probably hampers my growth however if it doesn’t feel like something I would buy with my own money or wear or use I tend to say no.  

What has been your most memorable collaboration/partnership so far?

I have been lucky to collaborate with a few fabulous brands. I would have to say I love Claudia Bradby jewellery. My most worn item [from the range] is the pearl bracelet, I adore it. I also love working with Boden who have great quality pieces suitable for all heights and I adore Vionics a brand that I would not have ordinarily looked at but now love several pairs of shoes I own from them.

What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date with the latest fashion trends?

I gather my inspiration from everywhere. From the people I see daily to those I see across my social media platforms. I love apps like Browzzin, Instagram and Pinterest for keeping me up to date and in the know. I also subscribe to magazines such as Vogue and various newsletters.

Any must-have spring items and why?

For me this spring is about boiler suits, pretty floaty florals, midi and maxi dresses and barely there and fugly (aka Fabulously Ugly) sandals. 

Accessories-wise I am loving seashells and pearls. And the colour palette I am loving varies depending on my mood from neutral creams and whites to all-out colour.

What’s next for Chillies and Clothes? Any exciting new projects you are working on?

I have several things in the pipeline and plans to update and reinvigorate my website and brand which is where I want to try and devote more of my future energy. I am also part way through my personal styling course so currently spending a lot of time on that. 

Lots of fun things to come in the future so watch this space.