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Talking about styles, being real, and a vision to Mars with fashion blogger Mihail Amoli

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Mihail Amoli is one blogger known for his elevated take on street style. With his distinct look and passion for fashion, here he shares which designer he thinks will kill it in 2019, his life motto and his big plans for YouTube.

Introduce yourself, your personal style and describe a typical day for you

Hello, my name is Mihail Amoli but it is more possible that you know me as @mishoamoli. I am a 27-year-old guy from Bulgaria, although since I was a child I’ve lived in Spain. I think the best way to define my style would be street style in constant change and development. I try to combine high-end with much more affordable garments to create my own style


What do you like to express with your personal style?

I usually dress according to my mood so basically my style is a mirror of who I am.

How did you start your YouTube channel and what is your next big plan for it?

I started my YouTube channel recently and I cannot be happier with the positive reception it has had. The truth is that I feel blessed by all the love that my subscribers are showing me every day. I started the channel because I felt the need to show my way of seeing fashion with all the people who want to see me and share a moment with me. I try [to encourage] the people that follow me to stop worrying about the "hype" and become more interested in the aesthetics of their clothes. But above all I try to have fun and have a good time while they learn. In the end that is what it is about.

In a recent Instagram caption you asked your followers “What brand do you think will kill the game in 2019?”. So what is your opinion on this?

It is incredible at the point where we are currently. Men's fashion is in its best historical moment and it is amazing to see so many brands betting on it and doing it so well. It would really be very difficult for me to pick only one brand, but if I have to highlight someone in 2019, that would be Mr. Kim Jones and his unparalleled vision at Dior.

You’ve said in the past “stay real, honest and positive”. What does being “real” mean to you?

Be yourself. Don't act differently depending on the circumstances or the people around you. Believe in what you do and do it regardless of whether others will like it or not. Life is not a movie so don't act as an actor in it.

What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date with the latest fashion trends?

I can be inspired by literally everything. On the street, in people, in movies, music, fashion app like Browzzin… in what I see every day. The world around us is infinite inspiration and you just have to look up to see it.

Imagine you go to Mars one day, which must-have items would you pack with you and why?

The truth is that at that time I would only think about having those Nike Mars Yard Overshoes by Tom Sachs and a huge coat from Craig Green's F/W18 Moncler collection!