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"Taylor Made" – A day with fashion designer & blogger Joey Taylor

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As a former womenswear now freelance girlswear designer, Joey Taylor has always been surrounded by fashion. So it’s no surprise that she was inspired to channel that creativity into her own fashion blog, Northern Magpie. Here she chats to us about her love of ‘ugly’ shoes, the current trends she’s loving and why she believes you should always trust your gut.

Introduce yourself, your personal style and describe a typical day for you

I am a freelance girlswear designer, that has designed clothing for high street stores like Primark, River Island and New Look. I also run my own blog Northern Magpie, but you will mostly find me over on Instagram uploading a new outfit every day and posting videos of my Frenchie, Bernard. 

A typical day for me starts with an early morning CrossFit class at 6.30am, this sets me up for the day. After my workout class, I normally post a photo to Instagram, as my followers seem to be the most engaged in the morning. I then head back home to walk Bernard along the river near our house. After breakfast, I sit down at my desk, start answering emails from my design clients and see what design requests need working on for that day. Over lunch I check Instagram for an hour or so then back to work until 5.30pm. In the evenings me and my boyfriend take it in turns to cook, trying to be healthy as much as possible. The days I don’t have design work to do, I will shoot as much blog content as possible, either on my own or with another blogger.  

Tell us more about your blog, Northern Magpie. What inspired you to start it and what are your goals for it?

Northern Magpie started as a fashion blog, but since moving back to Manchester over nine months ago, I decided to feature more food and travel posts. The reason I started my blog was from being bored at a past job. I would do all my work by like three pm then have another three more hours to do research for my next design project, which was crazy! In my research, I would always look at bloggers Aimee Song from Song of Style and Vanessa Hong from The Haute Pursuit and one day I thought I could create content like those girls were doing, so I created Northern Magpie. For 2019 I want to push my content creation further and experiment more with my photography on both my blog and Instagram. As for IGTV, I want to try create content on there that is different from what everyone else is doing; still fashion based but with a new perspective. 

You mention that you are a freelance girlswear designer. Could you tell us more about this?

I have been a designer for nearly eight years. Two of them in Manchester designing womenswear and four and a half years in London, where I took an unexpected change to design girlswear. I’ve now been a freelance girlswear designer for the last nine months after moving back up north to Manchester. Girlswear is completely different from designing womenswear, it’s less about trends and more about fun, playful graphics that have to be interactive for the customer. I design a lot of unicorns, brushed sequins and have to think of new ways to design Mickey and Minnie Mouse, from season to season. Even though I love womenswear for my blog and religiously read Vogue, I thoroughly enjoy designing girlswear as it is so much fun. 

What has inspired your Spring 2019 wardrobe? What is your favorite item at the moment and how do you style it?

A mixture of the safari trend, with a hint of soft pinks and beige colours from the spring/summer catwalks to all-white outfits inspired from street style imagery. I love an all-white look for summer, it’s classic and timeless. Having always been a fan of an ‘ugly’ shoe, I have to say I love my chunky trainers or a pair of chunky flat sandals. You will be seeing me wearing both these styles, teaming them with a maxi dress or with an all-white outfit on my Instagram.


What does being stylish mean to you?

Stylish is knowing what works for you and owning it! Being confident to wear what you like and like what you wear. 

What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date with the latest fashion trends?

Tumblr, Pinterest and fashion magazines like Vogue are a great source of inspiration, plus Browzzin is a great platform to check out other bloggers’ outfits and shop for my next look.

General words of wisdom you live by and why?

Always trust your gut instinct. I find when I have a gut feeling about a situation for example, I find my gut never lies. So always trust that gut feeling and go with it.