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Dominique Malinowska aka Berry is a fashion blogger and YouTuber with a penchant for all things 70s. Her love of the age of disco shines through as the founder of The Disco Mag and her wardrobe full of eclectic vintage pieces. Meet her here.

Introduce yourself, your personal style and describe a typical day for you

I’m Dominique, but I also go by the nickname Berry (given to me by my followers). I am a fashion blogger and YouTuber as well as a stylist, creative director and founder of The Disco Mag. As a side hustle I also got into reselling vintage pieces which allows me to be surrounded by fabulous clothes literally 24/7. 


My personal style is heavily inspired by my favourite era— the 1970’s! I love everything that’s vintage as it’s unique as well as sustainable. My style is usually quite eccentric and colourful even though I have my minimal moments. 


I’m a freelancer so there’s no typical day for me. I’m currently finishing my second degree so there are days when I’m at my university but when I’m not I usually always start my day with a post office run to send off either vintage pieces I’ve sold or copies of The Disco Mag. The rest of the day is usually for creating content or prepping for styling jobs. Most of this really relies on planning, sending out tons of emails and kind of suffocating under piles of clothes (I literally need to make pathways through my flat to get through. Ha!). I always make time to go to my yoga classes since that’s the only thing that forces me to slow down!


Tell us more about your YouTube channel Berry Malinowska!

I started it in Poland when I was really young, I think I was around 12 or 13. I was super ambitious as a child so YouTube was this creative medium for me, which also allowed for me to build a career. It started as literally everything—my first video was a makeup tutorial, obviously very crappy and totally unrealistic. Then I started talking more about my experiences whether it was about school or people, YouTube became my best friend. And later on it completely transformed into a fashion channel with vlogs. I find it super fun and I love how close you can get to the people who watch you.


Poland is still tricky when it comes to tolerating different views or styles, I often get criticised for saying that I don’t like skinny jeans and I feel some people just don’t understand the meaning of being extra, so I’m currently working on a new channel which will be in English and more focused on fashion. It’s where I’ll be expressing my true eclectic style without any limitations.

What is your magazine The Disco Mag about? What inspired you to start it?

It’s focused on the 1970s and the theme of nostalgia. It started as my final major project in my undergraduate course, simply out of my hate for [seeing] the same minimal design in magazines, lack of experimentation and cold or sterile layouts. I also realised that the last time I enjoyed a magazine was probably when I was 13 and filling out the “Who’s your perfect match?” quiz in a teen magazine. I wanted to create something fun where I could share my obsession with the 70s and promote analogue production as well as the medium of print. Most of the editorials are shot on film and we use mostly vintage or second hand items when styling. Fashion is definitely key to The Disco but we also focus on topics such as music, activism and culture. At the moment I’m working on the second issue which has the theme “Dancing Queen”. 


What did you study? What was the most exciting part of it?

I studied Creative Direction for Fashion, which is a very broad and actually vague course that focuses on everything surrounding fashion and branding. I guess the best thing about it was the fact that you could literally do anything. I chose styling as my pathway but the whole course was so flexible in those terms that there were no limitations to what you could do, which is great because I feel I have more options in terms of my career. I’m now a more knowledgeable as well as a conscious creative mind.


What are your current must-have items and how do you usually style them?

Definitely flares! I hate skinny trousers so flares are my daily go-to, they are comfy but also give you that cool 70s attitude. I usually style them with vintage blouses or jumpers, chunky platforms and on top a vintage leather jacket. Lately I’ve also been obsessed with this brown vinyl trench coat from Topshop! It makes me feel super sophisticated and gives off this 60s movie star vibe. I love wearing it with a turtle neck underneath or paired with a bucket hat.

You’re a veganite. What is your favorite planet-friendly brand and why?

Fashion-wise I found that a lot of sustainable and vegan brands create clothing that’s just too minimal and simple for my taste, that’s why I mostly shop with small independent brands such as Miracle Eye. Then I’m 100 per cent sure that the item is handmade and makes it so much more special. I’m also a fan of House of Sunny. And I’ve been obsessed with gym wear from Skimmed Milk, all of it is made from recycled plastic bottles.


Walk us through your style journey?

I change my mind daily and you can clearly see it in my style over the years. My first memory of style is surely my mum, who is the ultimate girl boss. I was heavily inspired by her and failed to understand that her style would not be appropriate for a 12 year old. I started wearing blazers, v-neck sweaters and I looked ridiculous.


Later I went through the galaxy leggings phase, boho/Coachella phase, grunge, 90s, y2k, I also tried minimalism and reached my final stage a year ago where I realised that the common part of all those phases was vintage. I’m easily inspired by everything around me so I instantly adapt this in my style. I believe that going through all of those phases was almost like a self discovery journey with lots of hits and misses that made me who I am now. I feel for a long time I was trying to be someone who I’m not, thus this vast amount of weird fashion moments, but at least now I better understand who I am as a person.


What is your biggest and wildest dream?

Finding a job or a career path which would be fun and at the same time pay for my rent (and allow me to live somewhere tropical. Ha!). I would love to keep on working in fashion but it’s extremely tough and everybody expects you to work for free, so finding this balance is my biggest dream. 

What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date with the latest fashion trends?

The good thing about being inspired by the past is the fact that I don’t need to stay up to date, which is super convenient. In terms of my job it’s quite necessary that’s why I use accounts like @diet_prada for my daily supply of fashion news! They are highly entertaining as well as useful.

What’s next for you? Any exciting new projects you are working on?

Currently my biggest project is the second issue of The Disco Mag. It’s super tough working on a print publication and organising so many creative people. This unfortunately means that lately I haven’t been getting lots of time for anything else but hopefully this will change soon.