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When the surgeon knife meets blogging keyboard with Dr Lylah

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Combining her career as a surgical and beauty doctor with her love of all things fashion, Dr Lylah shows that style is all about self-expression and taking a fashion risk or two whilst challenging the notion of how those in her profession dress. Here she talks about how she manages to juggle practicing medicine and working on her business ventures all while still having time to attend one stylish event after another.

Introduce yourself, your personal style and describe a typical day for you

Personal style for me runs on the lines of sensual and feminine whilst taking a risk. 

A typical day for me can be anything from attending a conference, performing an aesthetics procedure or surgical emergency and working on my business projects, to attending a high fashion event, fashion show, or fine jewellery and art fair event.

What inspired your Instagram handle name “The Haute Couture Doctor”? Where do you like to find your daily fashion inspiration?

My daily fashion inspiration comes from being original, this is important to me. I like to know that what I am investing in is exclusive or limited. Clothing is a form of self-expression, hence the name haute couture. I take inspiration from several sources such as runway, old collections and apps such as Browzzin, which I find to be very useful and practical. 

How do you balance fashion blogging and pursuing a medical career?

When one is passionate everything is enjoyable because your passion becomes your purpose. I am beyond grateful that I am given the opportunities that I have and am able to balance out everything that I enjoy whether it be medical or fashion-related. This has a lot to do with the support frame around me, including my family and husband. We are all close-knit and thrive on all supporting one another

What are your ambitions in life?

To be a successful entrepreneur, to give myself and my loved ones the best version of myself and be one of the iconic and influential woman of the 21st century.

Share with us a challenging or memorable moment you have had throughout your career journey

The gender stereotype of what a surgeon or doctor should look like had brought about the movement #ILOOKLIKEASURGEON which became viral in an attempt to break through the challenge that females face on a constant basis within this profession.

When one thinks of a medical professional they generally think male as opposed to female, and certainly do not picture someone who is feminine, dainty and embraces fashion. What a shame that although we admire beauty and brains we often do not believe it exists within professions such as surgery. It is time we support the potential of incredible women in this world, encouraging them to use their talents, contribute and achieve their dreams.

You are such a passionate and creative professional. What are some of your life and style tips for all young professionals out there?

I think one of the things I have noticed within the young community is the constant pressure they are under. There appears to be no room to take a moment and figure it out. It is okay to take a step back. Do something for yourself that will make you happy and think laterally.

Clothing is a form of self-expression, do not make fashion own you, you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live. What you wear is how you present yourself to the world so be nothing but the best version of yourself and own it.