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As a fashion blogger, you are working hard to create amazing fashion content on your blog or website. With Browzzin, you now can turn your inspiring fashion photos into instantly shoppable content without the hassle of manually searching and tagging products. Your fans & audience can now shop your looks any time, from your own website!


How to Embed a Single Shoppable Photo

Display your fashion photo on your website with our technology supporting you by automatically matching the fashion items in your photo with products in our fashion catalog. Instantly your fashion photos become shoppable.

At the full view of any of your photos, click on the Share icon at top right corner.

Select Embed option.

You will then see source codes appearing with options for photo size. Copy and paste one of the desired codes into your blog post. When your blog post is published, your fashion photo will be displayed together with shoppable products powered by Browzzin technology.

The source code is easily customised so you can choose the best height and width for your photo and the best thing is that it automatically responds to different devices whether your audience is viewing your page on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.


How to Embed a Full Shoppable Photo Feed

Browzzin makes it easy to show your fashion style on your own website by providing you with a widget that allows you to embed your Browzzin profile onto your own website.

At your profile page, click on the Share icon right under your profile photo

A preview mode will appear with an additional setting available on the left side of the screen, allowing you to select the desired design specifications of the photo feed for your blog.

Copy and paste the provided code into your blog page. When your blog page is published, the fashion photos will be displayed together with shoppable products powered by Browzzin technology.